Check Here There's a whole lot of changes going on at Sunset. New Sunset Site, more tools, and some, more...

Check Here No one does, however, it's the one unfortunate reality of the Internet. It comes, and comes, and comes. Now, you can do something about it. Check into SunBlock Anti Spam today!

Your Access - Your Email

Check Here With your Internet Access comes Email. With Sunset Net, you get a lot of cool Email Tools you can use right from the Web. Anti Spam, Filtering, Auto Responders and more. It's a simple one click process to auto setup many local Email programs you may want to use. Sunset easy!

Sunset SUNBURST!Internet Access

You just bought the fastest computer available, brought it home and plugged it in.  You've tried to get a broadband product, but are either too far, or services are not deployed in your area. Before you give up on the internet completely, there is a way to make your current dialup connection go even faster. No, we're not kidding...just when you thought you couldn't go any faster...well now you can.

All it takes is a simple download of our dialup accelerator software called SUNBURST!, and a quick call to our billing office to activate the service.  OK, so we need to make a few changes to your dialup settings, and it's going to cost you a few extra bucks, but the work and pocket change will be worth the faster downloads of information that you'll begin to experience immediately after the changes.

There's hope, then there's solutions. Sunset Net's SUNBURST! is a complete dialup accelerator system that works. Period. Step on the peddle and get your dialup connection moving. Contact us today to get going!


For Customers in California:
If you use WINDOWS, Click HERE
If you use MACINTOSH, Click HERE

For Customers outside of California:
If you use WINDOWS, Click HERE
If you use MACINTOSH, Click HERE

We've also created a document with all of the details on SUNBURST "how to".  If your interested in the nuts and bolts, or simply how to install, configure and use the SUNBURST application, you can download the document HERE.