On the Board

What's on the drawing board? What's already up and what's changed?

First and foremost, there's a new look and feel to the Sunset Net site. Taking a note from our preaching's of simplification and validation, now, every page on our site completely validates on all browsers and platforms. HTML, CSS and Accessibility.

Every page has the Sunset Control Links. Email, Account Management and Support is just a click away. Right on the Orange Bar.


The Merge

Sunset Net has, for well over a decade, provided the connectivity and solutions our client base needed. Always on high speed, always supportive support, dialup and wireless access capabilities and of course, hosting solutions.

We're about to release a few new tools and services that will help us round out our solutions to a complete suite.
Secure Backup Solutions, Customized Desktop Applications, Remote Desktop Maintenance and more.


More Stuff

Even... more?

The new Sunset Net Start Page. News, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Video and some other stuff we're packin in.
Io. That's i and o. Not like the Jupiter Moon, but more like In and Out. What's Io? You'll see.
SunsetNet Radio. Music? Some. TechSpeak? Some more. Podcasts? A bunch. It's a little bit of everything.
SunPort - Our own on your Desktop Fix it Up solution. Very soon. We clean and tweak your system, install the good stuff you need, and do it all while your computer is just sitting there.


and there's more...