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There are many ways to skin a cat, and it's the same for web design.
Once your past the stage where you've got the idea solidified, you've got to nail down the best, most effective way to implement and deliver.
Your site. Does it require content management and administration? Will you need to convert media and stream it? Should you go PHP and mySQL or ASP and MSSQL? How do you maximize for the minimum?

Sunset Net has helped many a concern, from the mom and pop to the institutions. Let Sunset Net show you how to give your dreams vision.



Delivering video can be a daunting task. There are so many different formats and paths to take, that the effort for many can seem almost insurmountable. Take the above example. This movie trailer originated in a Quicktime movie weighing in at nearly 30megs. Usually offered at the Apple site as primarily a download, or streamed through a Quicktime server. Other sites show it up in WMV's, etc. Above, it's been optimized to just over 10megs, plays like a dream barely any loss in quality. Click the button.



Stereo, high resolution graphics and atmosphere. Selling a primo game nowadays deserves a taste of the real thing. This one's knocked down to only 9megs, starts fast and makes you want to check the game out!



Oh, you want be in first row? So close you can almost...touch it? This one started out at over 100megs in mpg for superior resolution.




Podcasting, streaming audio advertising, delivering any kind of message, it's easy, cost effective and makes sense. Click one of the below examples.

CNET - CNET Daily Podcast, March 11, 2008


Sunset can help you get your message on the web. RSS Podcasting and Podcast Web Players.




When Sunset designs your web site, we discover that which is unique to you, and we give it life on the web. Your look, your colors, your content.

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When you've got a message to show, a show to show, or simply are looking to break into sight and sound, call Sunset Net.