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Note : This support info may be a generalization and represent the typical setup. You may specific values that need to be set.
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AirPort Extreme Settings for Sunset.net DSL

This document will help you make sure your Apple AirPort Base Station is configured properly to use Sunset.net Broadband Services, using the AirPort Admin Utility included with Mac OSX (10.4 shown). The initial setup wizard options are beyond the scope of this document, which is intended to help confirm that a given Airport Extreme is using typical settings. Complete support for the Airport line of routers is not available through Sunset.net Technical Support.

  1. To reach the AirPort Admin Utility, first make sure you are connected to the wireless network that uses the Airport Base Station in question. Press Command-Shift-U to quickly enter the Utilities Folder. Find the Utility labeled "AirPort Admin Utility." Open It.You should now see this screen:

  2. Double Click on the Name of your AirPort base station. You may be prompted for your base station's password. This password may be different from the network's password, and would have been created at the initial set up. You should now be at this screen:


  3. Click the "Internet" Tab at the top of the window. You should now see this:

  4. Verify the following settings:
    • Your "Connect Using:" is set to "Ethernet".
    • The "Configure:" is set to "Using DHCP".
    • The "WAN Ethernet Port" is set to "Automatic (Default").

    The "IP Address" shown here should be one of the public IP addresses associated with the connection. In this example, the Airport has no uplink and has assigned itself a 169.x.x.x address by default.
  5. Now click on the "Network" Tab at the top of the window. You should now see this:

  6. On this screen, make sure that the "Distribute IP addresses" box is checked. Whether you are choosing to distribute a specified range of IPs or a single IP should not interfere with the connection.
Press the "Update" button to save any changes you may have made. Your AirPort Extreme Base Station should now be properly configured to work with Sunset.net DSL.